About us

Created by parents for parents, redgreentree was conceived through first-hand experiences and the desire to create a viable solution, which leverages classical parenting and address the parent/child technology gap. We are focused on the development of the family unit in an ever increasing technical world.

redgreentree creates simple yet powerful products to manage the pains associated with children’s overuse and misuse of technology.

In a non-invasive way, we allow you to leverage classical parenting skills to address the parent/child technology gap. Our goal is to help “Root the Values of Education and Health,” in the coming generations.

We believe in autonomy; our products are an anti-spying solution to managing technology. We do not collect information about online activities (social, streaming or gaming) and in turn, we do not have features that would allow us to report on these activities.

Social responsibility is central to our beliefs, which is why redgreentree defines success a bit differently than most companies. The spirit of redgreentree comes to life by sharing in any of our success. We believe in giving back to our communities and we will be donating a portion of proceeds to children’s charities.

You can feel good knowing that your subscription is helping manage your child’s technology and making a positive impact in the lives of other children.



the redgreentree team