What are some recent screen time studies that confirm the anecdotal data about kids, parents and screen time? After all, parents are the role models. At least, that’s the theory.

One of the more revealing studies was released in December by Common Sense Media, out of San Francisco (more than 1,700 parents of children aged 8 to 18 were surveyed). This was a first-of-its-kind study, flashing a spotlight on parents and screen usage. According to the study, parents spend more than nine hours (9:22) a day with screen media, the vast majority of that (7:43) being spent with personal screen media (TVs, video gaming, social networking etc.). Only a little more than 90 minutes was devoted to screen media used for work.

Most parents asked expressed concern about their kids’ usage of social media and other online activities, and whether it was becoming an addiction (and negatively impacting things like sleep patterns) – yet they were using social media for entertainment just as much as their kids. Sixty-seven per cent of the parents said that monitoring their kids’ media use was more important than respecting their privacy. The vast majority of parents surveyed (73 per cent) believed they were good media use role models for their kids!

In addition to that, most parents reported having a range of media rules for their teens and tweens – such as forbidding mobile device use during family meals (78%) or during bedtime (63%).

Fascinating stuff. Go here for the study:


Screen Time Recommendations

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that screen time for kids (screen based media use, or SBMU) should be limited to two hours per day. An Australian study from BMC Public Health has kids blowing past that number.

They concluded kids are spending more time with technology than researchers previously thought – 45% of 8 year olds and 80% of 16 year olds exceeded the recommended two hours per day.

Go here for the study:


The behavior of parents with teenage children.

Finally, according to Pew Research Center, parents, concerned about over-usage, monitor their teen’s digital behavior in a number of ways – including 65% of the respondents who said they have enforced “digital grounding”, or taken away their teen’s cellphone or internet privileges as punishment.

  • 61% checked which websites their teens visited
  • 60% checked their teen’s social media profile
  • 48% looked through their teen’s phone call records or text messages
  • 39% used parental controls for teen’s online activities
  • 16% used parental controls to restrict cellphone use

The study is here:

More to come!


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