Children and Teens are Distracted by their own Technology in the Classroom

Children and teens are distracted by their own technology at home and in the classroom.

This phenomenon, based on studies, is a major concern for parents and teachers around the globe. What’s more is that parents and educators of children and teens with mobile devices struggle to balance appropriate and meaningful technology use in the child’s daily routine. Device misuse (using the device for something other than the task at hand) and overuse both at home and in the classroom is a real problem.

Safety, education, and communication are the top 3 reasons for the decision to purchase a smartphone or tablet for their child or teen. Parents and teachers are quick to realize that although these devices have the ability to enrich a child’s life, they soon become an overwhelming distraction. The child’s desire to use it to play video games, stream content, and engage in social media is all consuming. As a result, children are less focused on their education and spend large amounts of time being physically idle, often leading to poor lifestyle choices and social awkwardness.

The Solution

redgreentree has created a solution to this problem; our app restricts what apps the child can use based on a schedule (no games, social/streaming media at school). Multiple schedules can be created based on the child’s routine. We have transformed the smartphone into the tool it has the potential to be.

Fundamental to our beliefs is the respect for personal privacy which is why our app does not allow parents to spy on their child’s online activity. We believe this leads to the failure of communication channels and is an implied “lack of trust.”



A Snippet About redgreentree Parental Controls

We are at the forefront of the digital parenting and parental controls industry. We take pride in providing you with the latest news, original content and quality tools. Our app “redgreentree Parental Control“, is available on the Google PlayStore.

Our app allows parents to non-intrusively combat device misuse and overuse, transforming their child’s smartphones and tablets into purpose driven tools via our scheduled based app blocking technology. Allow only the apps your child needs during school hours while blocking those that distract. The ability to focus on the task at hand is only a click away.

Give us a try, the first 14 days are free, a 1-year subscription is 19.99, and we donate 50% of net subscriptions to charities that benefit the physical and mental well-being of children and teens.

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