Social media is an integral part of today’s society, especially among the younger generations (they spend upwards of 8 hours per day online, according to studies). Kids are laying the foundation now for future social media platforms.

We can talk all we want about the harmful effects on kids who are on their devices a lot, but social media is not going anywhere. Education on responsible use, whether that’s from teachers or parents, is the key, but communication is a two-way street. Taking their phones or tablets away from them will only breed contempt.

Look for balance in your discussion with your child. Focus on some positives of social media, as well as warning signs of overuse. Some positives:

  1. Social media is an amazing educational tool. Where would our lives be without Google? Resources online are at our fingertips. Teachers can easily communicate and collaborate with students. Social media platforms are essential to discuss educational topics and talk about school assignments.
  2. Young people access social media to join a community and get emotional support from like-minded individuals to help address or prevent mental health issues. Conversations can give young people much-needed interaction that helps them overcome difficult health issues in situations where they don’t have face-to-face contact. An RSPH report said nearly seven in 10 teens reported receiving support on social media during tough times.
  3. Social media is a platform for self-identity and self-expression, important aspects of a person’s development through their teens. These platforms allow young people to express who they are, as they are evolving, as they develop a comfortable sense of “self”. That includes creativity and innovation, and entrepreneurship. On social media, they can express themselves through their profiles and feeds, with text, videos and images. They can join communities with like-minded people who represent their identity as people. That can lead to social activism and awareness-raising for important community causes.
  4. Young people are honing different skills through social media use that will help them later in life during their work careers. They can operate freely over different social media platforms, meaning a seamless transition into the workforce later on.
  5. Making, building and maintaining relationships with friends and family, some of whom live far away — in many instances people who would otherwise be contacted less frequently. Strong adolescent friendships are strengthened further by social media interaction. Interaction via social media after an initial meeting can create the foundation of a long-lasting relationship.


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