Turn your child’s devices into tools, free from distraction so that they can focus on what is important

parental control android - a typical child's smartphone is full of apps that distract them, our app disables the distracting apps when they have something to do

Practical innovation to manage your child’s device usage

Next generation PARENTAL CONTROL APP for smartphones and tablets

CREATE SCHEDULES and LIMIT which APPS your child has access to and when

REWARD your child with our FreeTime feature, it’s entirely up to you…

Influencing & managing your child’s mobile technology usage has never been easier

Features That Matter


Schedules allow parents and children to structure the usage of their mobile device.


As children and teens develop, time management skills become the key to success. redgreentree schedules support one’s individualized development and time management skills so you can define your child’s routine and address their needs.

Application Blocking

Create a schedule and decide which Apps or App types your child has access to.


Apps are designed to be distracting, resulting in the creation of poor lifestyle (health, education) choices and a lot of wasted time. Combining the flexibility of schedules with the power of App blocking, gives parents a robust toolset to keep everyone focused.


Instantly grant unlimited access to your child's mobile device.


It’s a great feeling when someone acknowledges your hard work and success; it helps to instill the values that are deemed important. FreeTime from redgreentree lets you reinforce a work hard play hard ethic with the click of a button.

Multiple Users

If you have more children than devices then we have a solution for you.


Families are always sharing and learning from one another. The redgreentree multiple user feature supports individual profiles for each child, ensuring that families sharing or lending a mobile device to one another use the device as intended.

Family Management

Our family dashboard lets you manage your children's devices from one convenient place.

Consistant Simplicity

Life is busy and time is valuable, technology is supposed to make life easier but adds a layer of complication. We have spent considerable time designing the redgreentree web application to simplify and streamline how you manage your child’s mobile devices.

Family Messaging

Communicate with your entire family, even when you block messaging Apps.


Family messaging from redgreentree was created so that you can communicate with your child while their favorite messaging Apps are blocked. You can send a note to your child or a broadcast to the entire family and vice versa.

Families working together, to achieve a common goal, through communication & collaboration

Parents and children working together to build healthy technology habits, is a proven track record for success.

A simple solution, so you can set it and forget it

Not all apps are games

Select apps are required for education, safety, and family communication.

We let you block those specific apps during school time, bedtime, or any other time and from anywhere!

Apps are designed to be both highly engaging & distracting

2 of 3 teens believe that listening to music, texting and social media while studying does not have a negative effect on academics, despite studies to the contrary.

The average teen spends 9 hours per day using media, (not including time spent during school or homework).

Excessive mobile device usage has been linked to obesity, smoking, drugs, alcohol use and low academic achievement.

Children and teens require free time and personal space to develop

redgreentree is about fostering personal growth in a non-invasive way, no spying allowed.

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Who we are

About us

Created by parents for parents, redgreentree was conceived through first-hand experiences and the desire to create a viable solution which leverages classical parenting and address the parent/child technology gap. We are focused on the development of the family unit in an ever increasing technical world.

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  • Remote device management
  • Unlimited devices per child
  • Unlimited schedules per child
  • Unlimited APP blocking
  • Family messaging
  • Parent only uninstall
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$2.49 monthly
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